Teaching Puppies Not to Bite

Patient Pups Become Great Dogs!

One thing we all know is that young pups are naturally very mouthy. This is because they are teething, but also because they use their mouths like young children use their hands – to explore and manipulate the objects in their world.

It’s all a part of the learning and growing process for puppies, but if you don’t teach them to use their mouth in a controlled and gentle way, they will grow into bad habits, not out of them. Many trainers will get phone calls from dog owners who realize this when their pup becomes an adolescent around 6-9 months. It’s common to see those dogs mouthing too hard during play, taking treats with too much force, or snatching things right out of your hands before being invited to do so.

In our latest video, join School Director, David Muriello, and 10-week old puppy, Piston, as they demonstrate a great way to teach puppies that waiting and taking things gently is much more rewarding than grabbing and biting. If you practice these exercises with a young pup, they will go a long way towards helping you raise a polite and gentle dog.

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    is this course class room training or on line video? accredited course

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