Recall Games to Start Up Your Pups – Come When Called!

Puppy Connection – Make it Fun – Spark the Recall!

Recall games are a really smart way to teach impressionable puppies that following you and checking in with you are rewarding.  If you build these behavior patterns in young dogs, they can last a lifetime with benefits of connection, freedom, and safety.

In our latest Trainer’s Tips Video, join School Director, David Muriello, and 10-week old puppy, Piston, as they demonstrate how some of the simplest techniques can be the most effective.  This is Piston’s first time meeting David, and he is a shy pup, so this is also a very important socialization exercise.  Learning to trust and enjoy the company of a “new guy” in his life will have big social benefits as Piston continues to gain exposure to the busy human world.  Notice how Piston is a little cautious at the beginning of the exercise, but by the end he is cuddling right into David.  Thumbs up, tail wags!

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3 Responses to Recall Games to Start Up Your Pups – Come When Called!

  1. Cole croskey says:

    Great video you guy’s can keep them coming feel free to do so.

  2. Joyce says:

    I so enjoy watching David’s videos. He’s like a magician! Nice work.

  3. Karen Kurtz says:

    Great videos…..because I am doing everything online…the videos bring a “classroom” into my home and makes it nice to be able to work on these training tips after seeing them. Thanks!!!

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