Featured Student

Our students are the future of dog training and the heart of our school.

That’s why we regularly take a moment to recognize one of our top aspiring trainers here.

Our Featured Student this month is Heidi Moreau of Stafford, Virginia. At the time of this posting, Heidi is completing her Final Exam for the Master Class, and is about to graduate as a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer!

A Word from Heidi

Heidi takes training outdoors with her student dogs, Autumn and Meeko.

My Favorite Recent Study Topics:

Understanding Behavior, Body Language, and Vocalization
How Dogs Think and Learn
Behavior Problem Solving

My Favorite Recent Hands-On Activity:

Phase 2 – Skills Practice: What do you see

How My Studies Have Changed the Way I See Dogs:

Phase 2 and Phase 3 of my studies had a huge impact on how I look at dogs. As trainers we want to set up our dog for success and the only way to do this is to know how they communicate with us and how they learn new behaviors. I learned I must train the dog in front of me, who has its own personality and there is no cookie-cutter approach, so I need to be flexible.

What I’m Most Excited About:

As a result of this course, mentorship, and open discussions, I feel confident in my ability to work with dogs and dog owners at the basic level of dog training. The many hands-on activities, coaching, and feedback from my mentors were immensely valuable to build upon that self-confidence. I do believe this training is very valuable, comprehensive, and will serve as an excellent springboard to help students succeed by becoming a proficient and professional trainer.

The tougher the challenge, the sweeter the reward! Heidi is a long time volunteer and foster, and Autumn is just one of many behavior cases to have blossomed under her care.

A Word From Heidi’s Mentor Trainer:

I believe as an industry we should be highly educated, skilled, science-based professionals rather than what exists typically. I am pleased that CATCH is part of raising the expectations for our profession. Heidi was exceptional. She possesses a wonderful talent of speaking easily with a “frustrated client” in a stressful situation (a test.) I never would have thought she had any less than 10 years of experience as a dog trainer.

Way to go, Heidi, we’re so proud of you!

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