Featured Student

Our students are the future of dog training and the heart of our school.

That’s why we regularly take a moment to recognize one of our top aspiring trainers here.

Our Featured Student this month is Michelle Huey of Kapolei, Hawaii. At the time of this posting, Michelle is taking her Master Class Final Exam, and she is about to earn her CCDT!

Michelle and Zora eagerly awaiting their nosework session.

Michelle and Zora eagerly awaiting their nosework session.

A Word from Michelle

My Favorite Recent Study Topics:

My favorite topics of study were the social development of puppies through adulthood, learning how to interpret a dog’s body language, and learning theory (Classical & Operant Conditioning).

My Favorite Recent Hands-On Activity:

My favorite hands-on activities were those in Phase 2. I found these activities extremely valuable. Being able to truly describe a behavior, with no interpretations, allowed me to be very objective. With this new skill, I feel I can better understand what my four legged friend is trying to tell me, as well as what he is trying to tell his other doggy friends.

Boo-Boo sharing study tips with Michelle!

Boo-Boo sharing study tips with Michelle!

How My Studies Have Changed the Way I See Dogs:

My learning experience through CATCH has greatly affected the way I look at my own dog, as well as the dogs I see out and about each day. With my own dog, I’ve learned how lucky I am to have such an amazing dog. Pebbles is a 14 year-old Shih Tzu who I’ve had since she was eight weeks old. Having gone through the CATCH program, I now realize all the things I did wrong, such as not socializing Pebbles with other dogs. But, lucky for me, Pebbles is only mildly reactive to other dogs. As for other dogs, I’m much better at reading their body language, which comes in handy when greeting them in the neighborhood. This also gives me a great opportunity to discuss dog training with the dog’s owner and share my positive-based philosophies. My goal is to be an advocate to all dogs I meet.

What I’m Most Excited About:

My learning experience at CATCH has been amazing. I love the positive-based methods and training philosophies. The CATCH study material and books are extremely informative and the website is very user-friendly. Most importantly, my mentor, Marcela, and all the staff at CATCH go above and beyond to help whenever I needed them. I owe everyone at CATCH a huge “mahalo” (thanks) for being so supportive!!!!!

Way to go, Michelle, we’re so proud of you!

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